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environmental issues is through games and other interactive modules. That's the philosophy and mission of the interact▓ive museum.Visitors to the Central de Investigacion Anim▓al, or CIA, get an ID card.

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Playing off on the museum's shared initials with the American Central Intelligence Agency, visitors become "Special Agent Z008".Chinese mainland actress Sun Li will start the national tour of a photography exhibit

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ion as an advocate for stray animals at t▓he Xidan Joy City shopping center in Beijing on Fr▓iday.Website Sina reports that the exhibition "Take Me Home," which includes photos of stray animals, Sun Li nurturing animals, and photos from the Society for the▓ Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Hong Kong, is a public call for concern for stray animals.On the first st▓op of th

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e tour, additional activities will be held. Visitors will be invited to sign a petition to refuse to eat cat and dog meat or wear animal furs.Sun's photo alb▓um, "Take Me Home," will also be released at the opening. Proceeds from the sales will be d